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Support for EF Core???

Feb 14 at 11:27 PM
This tool is great. Thanks for the good work!

What are the chances it would work with EF Core?
Mar 24 at 6:42 PM
EF Core support would be great! I have been using JetEF in my small db project.
Mar 31 at 12:53 PM
I am also interested in the EF Core support for the Microsoft Access Entity Framework Provider.
Are there any plans to support it ? I am rewriting some legacy code and for me it would be important to know if EF Core support will ever be available.
Apr 5 at 7:51 AM
The time I started the EF Core Provider project (it's on github), in my opinion EF Core was not mature and stable enough so I gave up.
Actually I don't have many time but I'd like to do it so in the future probably I will.