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Couldn't create Access DB


I just followed the tutorial but I met this issue.
Image. How to deal with it?

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bubibubi wrote Feb 17 at 7:44 AM

Some tries:
1) Are you using Microsoft Access 32 bits? Microsoft Access install ACE OleDB drivers for access to the accdb file. Actually EF provider is compiled as 32 bit library so you need to have the 32 bits ACE OleDB so you need to have Microsoft Access 32 bits.
2) Could you open the database without using EF (i.e. using only ADO)?
3) Could you send your App Config

lampon wrote Feb 17 at 4:32 PM

Thanks a lot. The previous problem I have solved. The problem is that I was using Microsoft Access 64 bit. But I met new issue. I try to use Migration to create Access DB on my project. It worked on my project 1 which was generated by ConsoleApplication. But It didn't work on my project 2 which was generated by Winform. That was so strange! I'm pretty sure the Model is the same, And the script for creating Access DB is the same too.

Output on project 1:

Output on project 2:(Some chinese character in the picture mean 'Counld not found table or constraint' )

The same Script for creating Database: